About us

Dedicated to achieve UI/UX excellence

At BlinqIO, we understand the demands of today’s users who expect seamless and intuitive experiences. That’s why we are dedicated to helping companies achieve UI/UX QA excellence. We know that finding and retaining skilled testers to consistently deliver high-quality work can be a challenge for companies. That’s where our unique solution comes in: an infinite pool of human-like testers seamlessly integrated into your development process.

Unparalleled quality in your digital products

As the world’s leading provider of fully autonomous AI-based testing software, BlinqIO’s platform enables the simulation of human-like behavior, providing you with the flexibility to have as many agents as you need, anywhere, and anytime, using any device.

With our autonomous testing software, you gain efficiency gains and achieve shorter time-to-market, making Blinq.io your trusted partner in achieving unparalleled quality in your digital products.

Blinq.IO leadership team

BlinqIO was founded by two serial entrepreneurs in the domain of testing. 

Tal Barmeir

CEO and co-founder

Tal co-founded and CEO of Experitest (acquired by NASDAQ:TPG) a SaaS B2B Software DevOps company. Prior to that Tal held various leadership roles inc Accenture (London) NYSE:ACN, Comverse (Israel) Head of Marketing in the Services Division Hi Tech Strategy Manager and more. 

Tal holds a MBA INSEAD Fontainebleau (France), MA Economics (Summa Cum Laude) and LLM Law (Magna Cum Laude) from TAU. 

Guy Arieli

CTO and co-founder

Guy co-founded and CTO of Experitest (acquired by NASDAQ:TPG) and founded Aqua that was acquired by Matrix (TLV:MTRX).

Prior to that Guy held leadership technology roles in startups & large traded companies including Atrica, Cisco, 3Com, HP – test automation engineer/lead. 

Guy holds a BsC Engineering – Technion and recently completed Machine learning courses in TAU.


Personal investment by SoftBank executives

Personal investment by SoftBank executives, renowned for their deep industry expertise and visionary leadership, underscores the immense potential BlinqIO’s technology holds in the market. Additionally, the participation of leading venture capitalists and accomplished software industry founders highlights the confidence that seasoned industry experts have in the capabilities of BlinqIO’s platform and founders.