Simplify test configuration.

Centralise test configuration modules. Remove repetitive efforts.

Increase efficiency of DevOps team.


Remove repetitive programming by creating a centralised repository of test configuration modules such as login, new user etc

Fast ↗

Run tests faster by creating an efficient test configuration process e.g. bypassing the login process


No need for complex authentication scenarios such as multi-factor, captcha and more. Tests can run on a production environment without the need to create a backdoor.

As Test Architect BlinqIO enabled me to create test configuration code modules and reuse them, cutting development time and focusing test failure analysis on real issues rather than configuration bugs”

Andrew Hogan, Test Architect in UK Bank

BlinqIO is an open source project providing next generation test configuration platform. With BlinqIO you can remove repetitive configuration work of your development team and and minimise test failure that is due to environment or configuration errors.

BlinqIO V1.0 provides the capability to bypass the login process when testing an application. Future releases are scheduled to include modular test configuration components that can be created once and maintained centrally, enabling test automation engineers to call on them easily and quickly.