Use Case: Streamlining Multilingual Application Testing with BlinqIO Virtual Tester

Company Profile: A global company operating in the telecom sector, the organization boasts a robust online presence with a website and a mobile application that caters to customers across the globe. The company’s primary challenge is ensuring that its digital assets function flawlessly in multiple languages and comply with regional regulations.

The Challenge:

The company’s website and mobile application must support a wide range of languages and adapt to diverse geographical variations. Traditional testing methods have proven to be time-consuming, costly, and error prone. The company’s existing approach involves hiring multiple testing teams, each specializing in different languages and regions. This approach is inefficient and negatively impacts the company’s time-to-market.

The Solution: BlinqIO Virtual Tester (BVT)


Language-Agnostic Testing: The company seamlessly integrates blinqIO Virtual Tester (BVT) into its testing workflow. BVT is language-agnostic, capable of handling testing in any language.

Geographical Variations: BVT is capable of performing test scenarios regardless of regulatory variations. The AI-operated brains of BVT are able to identify a testing flow despite differences resulting from regulatory requirements such as alerts, notifications, menu structures etc

Zero Human Intervention: BVT’s AI-driven capabilities allow for fully automated testing, eliminating the need for human intervention. The company’s testing teams can now focus on more strategic tasks while BVT handles the multilingual testing process.

Benefits Realized:

Efficiency: With BVT, the company significantly reduces the time required for multilingual testing. The testing process becomes more efficient, leading to quicker development cycles.

Cost Savings: The company no longer needs to maintain separate testing teams for different languages and regions, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Accuracy: BVT ensures a higher level of accuracy in the testing process by minimizing the risk of human error.

Consistency: BVT guarantees consistent testing across all languages and regions, enhancing the user experience.


The company’s multilingual testing process is transformed with the implementation of blinqIO Virtual Tester. They are now able to ensure that their website and mobile application perform seamlessly in multiple languages while also complying with regional regulations. This not only saves resources and reduces costs but also enhances their ability to reach and serve a broader international audience efficiently.

Goodbye to language barriers and hello to efficient testing with BVT, ensuring a competitive edge in the global market.