TestGuild Webinar: How Will Testing Look in the AI Era? With Tal Barmeir & Guy Arieli

Artificial intelligence has become a significant and disruptive force in the field of DevOps. Software testing, in particular, is experiencing a substantial transformation. Companies that embrace these changes stand to gain strategic advantages in terms of product release times and quality, thus enhancing their competitiveness. Individuals in the testing domain stand to gain from upskilling their capabilities instantly and increasing their value in their companies.

In this webinar, we will cover the first-ever virtual testers, operated solely by AI, without any human intervention are introduced into the software testing market with huge implications:

  • HR aspects: Upskilling test personnel from manual to automation in no-time
  • Pipeline management: on demand capacity of virtual testers removes the challenges of peak and low in software testing
  • Global capabilities: Multi-lingual (50 languages) capabilities become the new standard with AI engines supporting all languages seamlessly
  • All-purpose – device agnostic and front-end technology agnostic: the virtual tester handles seamlessly all devices and technologies sticking to the business logic

Takeaways from the presentation:

  • Automated and Self-Maintaining Test Scripts Powered by AI: A significant highlight of the presentation was the advanced AI technology that not only automates the creation of test scripts but also ensures their self-maintenance. This innovation dramatically reduces manual intervention, keeping testing processes both efficient and current.
  • Simplified Multilingual Testing Through AI: A major revelation from the presentation is the ease of conducting multilingual testing with AI-operated virtual tests. This technology’s ability to support any language simplifies the testing process for global markets, eliminating the need for specific language expertise and ensuring broader market compatibility.
  • Scalable and On-Demand Testing with AI: A critical takeaway is the introduction of AI-operated virtual testers, which brings scalable and on-demand testing capabilities. This aspect is crucial for adhering to project timelines, providing the flexibility to access testing resources exactly when needed, thereby facilitating smoother and more timely project delivery.