TestGuild: Listen to the podcast featuring Tal Barmeir and Guy Arieli, hosted by Joe Colantonio

AI Meets Cucumber: A New Testing Approach Using Prompt Engineering with Guy Arieli and Tal Barmeir

About This Episode:

Today’s topic dives deep into the innovative world of AI in software testing with our distinguished guests, Guy Arieli and Tal Barmeir. With years of experience in the testing domain, they’ve pioneered a groundbreaking automation solution using AI to bolster the efficiency and effectiveness of testers around the globe.

We’ll unpack the power of Blinqio, a cutting-edge SaaS offering that revolutionizes the way testers work. Also, learn how Blinqio’s virtual testers translate scenarios into test automation code, supporting a high-speed software release process across multiple languages and platforms. Guy and Tal will shed light on the remarkable capabilities of their AI system, which not only adapts to changes but also pinpoints and fixes minor issues, saving testers from tedious tasks and last-minute hassles.

Listen in to discover how generative AI can generate tests for API and UI, enhance documentation, and even test as humans would – pushing the boundaries of automated testing. We’ll delve into the intricate process, from test data generation to the AI’s unique ability to operate with or without prior product knowledge, catering to diverse testing expertise levels.