SoftBank Executives Make Personal Investments Joining Prominent Venture Capitalists and Software Industry Founders in Supporting BlinqIO

6 Nov 2023, Delaware, US – BlinqIO, founded by serial entrepreneurs Tal Barmeir and Guy Arieli, has announced a significant investment from a consortium of notable angel investors. The investment amount has not been disclosed.

Barmier and Arieli, who previously co-founded Experitest, a SaaS mobile testing platform that was successfully acquired by TPG, are now driving to further disrupt the testing industry with BlinqIO. Their latest venture has developed a revolutionary SaaS-based platform that leverages Generative AI to autonomously perform the work of testing teams. This transformative technology represents a groundbreaking shift from past automation testing, which involved performing test scripts written by humans.

BlinqIO’s cutting-edge platform redefines the software testing landscape, providing autonomous testing that eliminates the need for human intervention in the testing process. This innovation promises to make software development and testing faster, more efficient, and cost-effective, all while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

The personal investment by SoftBank executives, renowned for their deep industry expertise and visionary leadership, underscores the immense potential BlinqIO’s technology holds in the market. Additionally, the participation of leading venture capitalists and accomplished software industry founders highlights the confidence that seasoned industry experts have in the capabilities of BlinqIO’s platform and founders.

Barmier and Arieli, who have a proven track record of entrepreneurial success, expressed their excitement about the strategic partnerships formed through this investment. “We are delighted to welcome such esteemed investors to BlinqIO,” said Tal Barmeir, CEO and Co-Founder of BlinqIO. “This investment not only validates the potential of our technology but also provides us with the resources and strategic guidance we need to accelerate our growth and impact in the software testing industry.”

BlinqIO’s Generative AI platform is already making waves in the software development sector, enabling companies to achieve unprecedented efficiency and precision in their testing processes. This investment will facilitate further research and development, market expansion, and the strengthening of BlinqIO’s position as a leader in the field of AI-driven autonomous software testing.

As the industry evolves and software development continues to surge, BlinqIO is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of autonomous testing and quality assurance. This investment signifies a significant step toward realizing that vision.