How will testing look in the AI era

Join Joe Colantonio from Test Guild as he hosts Tal Barmeir and Guy Arieli in a groundbreaking webinar exploring the future of testing in the AI era. Discover how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing software testing, offering unprecedented advantages in speed, quality, and global reach.

In this session, delve into the introduction of AI-operated virtual testers, reshaping traditional testing methodologies. Explore topics such as HR implications, pipeline management, global capabilities, and device agnosticism, all empowered by AI technology.

Key takeaways include:

  • Automated and Self-Maintaining Test Scripts: Explore advanced AI technology that streamlines test script creation and maintenance, reducing manual intervention.
  • Simplified Multilingual Testing: Learn how AI-driven virtual testers support testing in over 50 languages, eliminating language barriers and expanding market reach.
  • Scalable and On-Demand Testing: Discover the flexibility of accessing testing resources precisely when needed, ensuring smoother project delivery.

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