BlinqIO unveils the first-ever autonomous software tester driven by Generative-AI

Former Experitest founders launch new startup that  provides virtual testers, saving businesses time and money in inflationary times

Delaware, United States:, a Delaware headquartered generative AI company has today announced the Beta launch of its new BlinqIO Virtual Tester (BVT), a fully autonomous testing platform for websites and applications. The ground-breaking offering enables the launch of human-like virtual software testers which are operated by Generative-AI, saving businesses time and money.

The new company was established this year by veteran co-founders Tal Barmier and Guy Arieli who previously exited Experitest, a $20m ARR company of 120 employees, in 2020 following its acquisition by Boston-based in 2020. It enables businesses to perform the work of the software testers through generative AI – creating tests, executing them and maintaining the tests. The BVT seamlessly plugs into the existing DevOps processes and infrastructure.

Leveraging the latest developments in generative AI and GPT, BlinqIO’s founders, Barmeir and Arieli aim to leverage their experience in the sector to reduce the dependency of the tech industry on expensive and increasingly hard-to-find human QA (Quality Assurance) testers.

The new BlinqIO Virtual Tester (BVT) replicates large-scale human QA testing and can receive test scenarios in any format including cucumber or plain English. Multilingual in over 50 languages, BVT is fully scalable and can replicate the deployment of dozens or hundreds of testers over sustained periods to adequately test software products before and after launch.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, human QA testers can cost companies an average salary of $109,020 per annum which is proving a significant challenge in inflationary times.

Speaking about the launch of BlinqIO’s  new virtual tester, Tal Barmier said:

“Demand for reliable technology and qualified QA testers has increased significantly over the past few years. In the US alone, it is estimated the demand for Quality Assurance analysts is expected to grow by 25% by 2031. The cost and difficulty in attaining expert testers in the sector is fast becoming a barrier to innovation across the United States. Our new BlinqIO Virtual Tester offers a solution to this growing problem as every company marches towards becoming technology-led and software savvy.” Having secured its first clients and raised seed funding, will be raising additional funding towards the end of year for market expansion.